Chinese restaurant in Philadelphia


Your Neighborhood Asian Fusion Kitchen

Everything begins with an idea – and it was the idea of bringing people closer to their favorite cuisine in the comfort of their own home, that gave birth to Chopsey, an Asian Fusion-style virtual restaurant concept.

With a growing appetite among residents for discovering new tastes and experiences, Chopsey brings people one step closer to enjoying delicious meals at home. From steamed dumplings, the classic fried rice, to wok fried noodles, our chefs have curated a menu that trusts in classic flavors and special, house-made sauces that have stood the test of time.

Offering safe, no-contact doorstep delivery in Philadelphia and neighbouring areas, Chopsey aims to bring Asian Fusion cuisine into more and more homes. The dishes are prepared following strict hygiene protocols, with the freshest, most high-quality ingredients, using traditional cooking methods and techniques.

Chopsey is available on all platforms including Toast Takeout, UberEats, DoorDash/Caviar, and GrubHub.