We are the gateway to the delightful and versatile Pan Asian Fusions, and that is not the only responsibility we have. We don’t want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to your assurance, be it taste or hygiene. We understand your concern and have made strict sanitization practices our utmost priority. We make sure that we are meeting all the safety and hygiene standards as per the regulation.

Our services are all about making you experience the best— Right from our kitchen to your palate.


Temperature Check at the Beginning of Every Shift
The very first thing we do before the beginning of every shift is the temperature check to avoid unfavorable outcomes. Employees are allowed to proceed with the shift who clear the temperature check. We value our customers’ and staff’s safety, health, and well-being.


Sanitation Drills
We consider it important to educate our staff about proper sanitation practices. Thus, an appropriate drill for 30 minutes is organized. The staff is trained on washing utensils and vegetables before use, keeping the workstations clean, and washing hands. Furthermore, we ensure all the guidelines are followed and take strict actions towards any leniency in hygiene.


Mandatory Mask
To curb the spread of unwanted bacteria (cough, cold or viral), we make sure everyone is wearing a mask on premises, along with a face shield. We follow, “No mask, no entry” concept.


Fresh Ingredients
We give special emphasis on our ingredients’ freshness, be it sauces, vegetables, meat, or spices. We prepare our ultra-delicious sauces in our kitchen and only pick garden-fresh vegetables. This is where comes the incomparable taste and commitment to spot-less hygiene originates.


No Contact Delivery
You deserve someone going the extra mile for you because you are precious. Thus, our chefs prepare your delight while wearing gloves We give the utmost concern to the fact that your food gets touched by you only.

We are looking forward to delivering your happiness in the form of fusion!